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  The House on the Rock Attraction

The House on the Rock began in 1945 when a man named Alex Jordan had a towering goal: to build a retreat as awe-inspiring as the view from the rock upon which the House would eventually be built.

What took shape on and around Deer Shelter Rock is a truly remarkable achievement. The House was only the beginning. In the years that followed, Alex expanded his vision beyond the House and collected and built on a massive scale. In the end he had created the world-renowned attraction known as The House on the Rock.

The House on the Rock 2018 Brochure

Since those early days, the world Alex Jordan created has grown far beyond the original house and into an attraction with many buildings, exhibits and collections.

The House on the Rock offers different experiences depending on the time of year. The days of week, hours of operation and portions of the tour that are open vary depending on the experience.

2018 Season

During the Regular Season (March 15 to November 11, 2018) the full complex is open and it is divided into 3 sections. On your self-guided tour, you will explore some of the world's most unique collections including the world's largest carousel, a 200' sea creature, automated music machines and much more.

The House on the Rock presents "The Dark Side," a decidedly different experience at The House on the Rock. The Dark Side Halloween event runs for 8 nights in October.

During Christmas at the House on the Rock (November 15 to December 31, 2018) Santa takes up residence in the House on the Rock. Over 6,000 Santas of all sizes and types visit the Attraction, decking the halls and adorning the walls throughout sections 1 and 2. Section 3 is closed during the Christmas Experience. Visit is self-guided. We recommend that you allow 2 to 2 1/2 hours for the Christmas Experience.